Lehigh offers a wide array of both masters and doctoral programs that are housed in all four of Lehigh’s colleges.  Lehigh’s programs are nationally recognized and research based.  We strive to offer programs that prepare the next generation of scholars and professionals as experts and impactful leaders in a wide range of fields.  We also offer online master’s programs and certificate programs for individuals around the world. 

At Lehigh, we have approximately 2,000+ students in 80+ programs.  Lehigh’s small size benefits students in that it creates an atmosphere for individualized education.  Students create strong relationships with faculty in order to enhance their interests in their respected fields.  Students are encouraged to create relationships not only with their advisors, but throughout their departments.

Furthermore, we strive to integrate Graduate Student Education with Graduate Student Life in order to enhance the experience of the student.  As part of this mission, we are committed to nurturing a community of diverse graduate students, who feel supported on campus. Graduate Student Life succeeds in creating programming to enhance student strengths and foster growth edges, through events targeted at professional development, research and writing, and higher education.

As a university, Lehigh believes in a holistic approach to graduate education to offer students personalized attention in their unique educational path. 

Lehigh made me feel heard. It gave me the opportunities to connect with people I wouldn't normally meet.

Yunyun Gu, Teacher Education '21