Lehigh is committed to preparing its graduate students for successful and impactful careers in a variety of fields.  Lehigh offers professional development events and resources throughout campus.  The Center for Career & Professional Development hosts events to connect students with the resources they need to land their dream career.  Graduate students are encouraged to get to know their career coach and utilize Lehigh Connects and Handshake to look for opportunities in their field. More information can be found by clicking here.

Furthermore, Lehigh graduate students and faculty pride themselves in contributing to the field of research in order to make a change.  Students have the opportunity to make connections with faculty and pursue their research interests through publications and conferences.  Lehigh is home to 29 research centers and institutes that provide students and faculty the opportunity to work collaboratively to make an impact through research. We strive to have a diverse group of student researchers who are curious, collaborative, and on a quest for knowledge and solutions. 

How do students describe their experience doing research at Lehigh?

Unique, worldly, and impactful

Michael Levin, Bioengineering '20

Excellent; I have had wonderful opportunities!

Nina Ventresco, School Psychology '21