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Graduate Student Reimbursement

Graduate students are eligible for reimbursement for pre-approved travel and other expenses.  There are a lot of instructions on how to complete this, so please read the following carefully in it's entirety. 


  • DOCUSIGN: For each "revenue stream"  that you are submitting reimbursement transactions, you must complete a DocuSign.   GLO operates multiple revenue streams. A revenue stream refers to the specific account index that the money is coming from (e.g. your club's account, the GSS Travel Grant account, the GLO operating budget, etc.). If you have completed a DocuSign for the same revenue stream in the past (e.g. this is your second travel grant), you do not need to complete another. You will need to complete a DocuSign for GLO if you have not been reimbursed through that particular GLO revenue stream previously, even if you've previously completed a reimbursement request for a department other than GLO or for a different GLO revenue stream. For example, if you've previously been reimbursed by GLO for one revenue stream (e.g. travel grants) and are looking to reimbursed from a different revenue stream (e.g. for a club) you will need to complete a new DocuSign.  If you are looking to be reimbursed by your academic department or college, you will need to complete a different DocuSign for them.  Reach out to that department/college for their reimbursement forms/policies. The Link for the Graduate Student Life Office Docusign can be found by clicking here. Kathleen Orrok (KMF307ST) will be your approver for the Graduate Life Office. Please select Travel Grants or Clubs. If you are submitting for a reimbursement that is not for a travel grant or a club, select Travel Grants and email Kathy ( to let her know why you are submitting. 
    • If you've not created an account with Wells Fargo previously: after completing the DocuSign, you will receive two emails from Wells Fargo with the information needed to set up your account. You will need to enter your banking information in order to set up the account.  The day after setting up the account you will be able to log into the system to submit your reimbursement.
    • If you have created an account with Wells Fargo previously: you may receive emails from Wells Fargo asking you to set up a new account specifically for reimbursement through GLO. Alternatively, if you do not receive these emails you may be able to log into your existing account and submit the reimbursement by setting the funding source to GLO. See below for how to ensure your funding source is set correctly. If neither of these are working, contact Brenda Bachman (
    • Log into the Wells Fargo WellsOne Expense Manager System here.
      • Enter the company ID, your username and your password.
      • Click Sign On
      • Click WellsOne Expense Manager 
    • Click Cash Expense on the left hand side
    • If you have multiple funding sources, you will see the funding source name hyphenated behind your last name
    • Make sure you have selected the correct funding source when entering your transactions
    • For transactions to be reimbursed by the GRADUATE STUDENT LIFE OFFICE, you will see your name and "GLO" next to your name. Use this for reimbursement from GSS Travel Grant, Club expenses, or other GLO related reimbursements.
    • Kathleen Orrok is your approver for the GRADUATE STUDENT LIFE OFFICE (KMF307).
  • SUBMITTING REIMBURSEMENT: Watch this training video for instructions on how to submit your reimbursement request. If you are submitting a reimbusement for a Travel Grant and your total comes to more than the maximum grant amount you've been approved for, please put the maximum grant amount rather than the overall total. 
  • BUSINESS PURPOSE/DESCRIPTION: Please be certain your description is detailed. If you are submitting for travel grant submission, ensure it includes the purpose of the trip (i.e. Conference Name, Date/s, City, State). If you are submitting for a club, please make sure you include which club you are submitting for and what the funds were used for. For all other reimbursements, be as detailed as possible. Please use this link for examples.
  • RESOURCE: For more information on using the reimbursement system, see the Student, Adjunct, and Visiting Employee page. Note - you will not need to complete the "Required Request Form and User Agreement" for reimbursement through GLO.  The DocuSign linked above serves as this form.  You may need to complete this form if you are looking to be reimbursed by a different department. 

For questions, please reach out to Brenda Bachman ( and/or Kathy Orrok (