GSS Travel Grant:

The purpose of this travel grant is to assist graduate students with professional conferences.

Note: The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Travel Grant (TG) is intended to supplement existing funds, not to supersede them.

The GSS application form automatically collects email addresses for Lehigh University users.  Therefore, use your Lehigh google acount to fill in the form.

If you have any questions about the application, you can contact the Travel Grants Officer at

1) Unit Eligibility for Travel Grants:

To be eligible for GSS TG, your Graduate Unit must be active both when your application is submitted and during your dates of travel. All approved travel grant applications are contingent upon verification of active unit status during the dates of the conference.  NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure that your unit maintains active status.

GSS Units Eligibility List

Any graduate unit whose representatives miss two or more of the General Assembly meetings in an academic semester is considered an inactive graduate unit for the following semester and thus is not eligible to receive Travel Grant funds.  

For more details, please contact GSS secretary Ruth Ebubechukwu to inquire about eligibility status.

2) Instructions for Submitting your GSS Travel Grant Application

Step 1- Notify your advisor of your application and verify their approval.  Your complete application and all supporting documentation must be received before the first day of the conference.

NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to submit well in advance of your conference to allow time to address any potential problems with your application.

Step 2- Complete the application form and attach the required documentation.

       a. If presenting: include proof of presentation acceptance (e.g. forward acceptance email or send link to conference schedule with instructions to finding your presentation.

       b. If only attending: include proof of conference (e.g. forward conference announcement or link to the conference website/program).

Step 3: Google forms will automatically e-mail you a copy of your completed application form as soon as you submit it.

Step 4: You can edit your application until the first day of the conference.

Step 5: You will receive official communication from the TG officer to inform the state of your application (e.g. Approved, Pending, Denied)

NOTICE: Processing time can be up to 10 business days

3) Instructions for Receiving Reimbursement UPON RETURN from you Approved Trip

In order to receive reimbursement, within 30 days of the end of your conference, you must follow the instructions found here. 

International Travel Grant Opportunity (for doctoral students):

The Office of International Affairs is offering a new funding program to help doctoral students attend conferences to make presentations or do other research and scholarly work outside the United States. Through the Doctoral Travel Grants for Global Opportunities (DTG-GO program), grants of up to $1,500 will be awarded three times a year.  The Office of International Affairs established this program to help doctoral students participate in international experience by providing a subsidy to help defray their out-of-pocket expenses for work and travel outside of the US. The goal is to reduce individual students' expenses related to professional activities and to provide financial support for doctoral sutdents who might not otherwise be able to travel abroad in pursuit of their scholarship and research.   

Please note: Given our pool of funds is limited and we must spread them across the entire year, applicants may not be awarded the full amount they request and student may receive no more than ONE Doctoral Travel Grant for Global Opportunities per year.