Lehigh offers many opportunities and resources to become a mentor, to gain a mentor, and to help improve your mentor-mentee relationships.  We believe mentors and mentoring play a critical role in the graduate student experience.  

Lehigh Connects

Want to find out more about a potential career? Sign up for Lehigh Connects, a platform that connects current Lehigh Graduate Students with alumni of LU graduate programs and LU undergraduate alumni who have earned graduate degrees elsewhere. You can get in touch for one conversation, or for on-going mentorship as you consider your job possibilities. 

Mentoring Resources for Doctoral Students and their Advisors

In collaboration with doctoral students and their advisors, the GLO has worked to create resources to help improve the relationship between doctoral students and their advisors.  this is a critical relationship during the graduate school experience, which can be extremely beneficial to both the student and the advisor.

Graduate Student Mentorship

The Graduate Life Office hosts a peer mentorship program designed to help you make the most of your graduate experience. As a first year graduate student, you will be carefully matched with an experienced Lehigh graduate student or recent alumni who shares your interests and background and can help you reach your goals at Lehigh.

Your mentor can make your transition to Lehigh easier by answering your questions, connecting you to campus resources, helping you make decisions, linking you to other people at Lehigh, telling you about clubs or how to get more involved on campus, and exploring your academic and career interests with you.

Check back later for details about 2023/2024 mentorship!

Become a Graduate Mentor

Imagine if you had a chance to go back and tell your newbie graduate self all the things you wish you had known. As a mentor, you'll get to do exactly that for incoming first year graduate students. You can pass on the lessons you have learned to mentees who share your interests, your background, and your career goals while also learning from your mentees about how to be a source of support. Being a mentor for incoming graduate students at Lehigh University can be incredibly rewarding. 

Have more questions? Contact the Graduate Life Office (

When I decided to pursue my graduate degree, I moved to a new part of the country and left my social and support network behind. The first few months of graduate school were difficult as I tried to create my own network here. I was fortunate and had a student mentor who helped facilitate this and connect me with resources that I was in need of. I would like to be able to do the same with other students who find themselves in similar situations.

Eugene, Mentor

An important element for me throughout my education experience has been having positive mentors around me who could help to navigate the uncertainties of whatever I was facing in any given period. Coming to Lehigh, I have been fortunate to meet people who have been willing to engage me and help me. If I can do that for another student who may be struggling in different ways, or may just need a sounding board...then it would definitely be worth it.

Kadia, Mentor

"[My mentor] is so responsive and informative about Lehigh and life in general...I feel incredibly fortunate to have been matched with her."

Sarah, Mentee