Travel Funding

Lehigh provides travel funding options for graduate students who want to travel to conferences.

Travel Funding:

The purpose of travel funding is to support graduate students with professional conferences, case competitions, and archive travel.  There are multiple sources to find travel funding as a graduate student.

1) GSS provides two different travel grants for graduate students.  Please click on the following button to be brought to the GSS travel grant page.

2) Grants by College:

  • Students in the College of Education have the opportunity to apply for the COE Diversity Committee Travel Fund.  The purpose of this fund is to encourage COE students to apply for funding to support travel needs that advance the mission of the COE Diversity Committee to embrace diversity and enhance multicultural perspectives. The primary focus of the presentation must not only be related to diverse populations, but is also expected to address diversity-related and/or social justice issues within your field of study.
  • For Lehigh Business students, college funding, subject to availability, is available for reimbursement to PhD in Business & Economics students for travel expenses related to one national and one local conference over a two-year period. 
  • Check with your college to see if travel funding is available.

Doctoral Travel Grants for Global Opportunities

Visit the link below to learn more about grants available to doctoral students who need financial assistance to participate in international conferences.