Why Donate to Graduate Life?

Commencement 2024

Graduate education is a central pillar of the Lehigh University ecosystem. Graduate students are on campus 365 days a year, performing critical functions, such as teaching, research, and service to the university. They are in the laboratory day and night, helping to solve the world's most pressing problems. They dedicate their evenings and weekends in order to provide key educational support to undergraduate students. They build community among each other to support the academic success of their peers and themselves.

The Graduate Life Office (GLO) exists to enhance the academic, personal, and professional development of Lehigh graduate students through providing a range of programs, activities, events, and workshops, while also creating a community of graduate students.  Our Graduate Writers Studio gives students the time, space, and skills needed to write papers, proposals, and reports necessary for their degrees.  Our Graduate Travel Grants enable students to attend professional events necessary for their professional development and career growth.  Finally, our Emergency Grant program provides much needed financial (and emotional) support for those moments when a graduate stipend simply doesn't cover an automobile repair, a dental bill, or an emergency trip home.   

Many of these important opportunities for graduate students are simply not possible without your support.