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Online and in-person appointments are available to help you improve your writing!

GWS Writing Consultation FAQs

Do I have to meet with a consultant in person?

Nope. The GWS has 3 different consultation formats: Video Chat, Online Drop-off, & Face-to-Face (in-person). You choose the format that works best for your needs.

How does a video chat consultation work?
  • You and your consultant meet in real time via the Video Chat link that is available in the scheduler.
  • You are encouraged to submit your document at least 24 hours prior to the consultation, but it is not required.
How does an online drop-off consultation work?
  • You and your consultant do not meet.
  • You submit your work before the consultation start time.
  • Your writing consultant will read your work and write feedback during your scheduled consultation time.
  • Your consultant uploads their feedback to your appointment and sends you an email no later than 30 minutes after the end of your appointment time.
How does a face-to-face consultation work?
  • You and your consultant meet in the Graduate Writers' Studio in Packer House.
  • You are encouraged to submit your document at least 24 hours prior to the consultation, but it is not required.
How long does a GWS consultation last?

That is kind of up to you. You can schedule in 30-minute increments anywhere from 30 minutes long to 2 hours long. It depends on your needs. 

Are there limits to how many times a week I can schedule a consultation?

Yes. In order to make sure everyone who wants a consultation can get one, writers are limited to 2 consultations per week. 

What kind of help can I get during a GWS consultation?

Great question! All Graduate Writing Consultants can be outside, interested, but non-expert audiences for your work. We can work with you on any aspect of writing from brainstorming, to research design, to grammatical constructions.

What do I need to include when I schedule a consultation?

We ask that you provide basic information regarding the kind of project you are working on, who your professor or PI is for this project, a description of the project guidelines / assignment, and the kind of assistance you are looking for. When possible, it is good to include any rubric or assignment description provided by your professor. This helps consultants to provide more targeted feedback. Knowing what kind of assistance you are looking for helps the consultant better prepare for your consultation. 

Are there other policies I need to know about before I schedule a consultation?

Yep, there are. 

  • For any consultation format, your consultant will only wait for 10 minutes. After that time, you will be marked as "missed." 
  • Once you have missed 2 consultations, you will no longer be able to schedule future consultations until you have spoken with the Director.
  •  Please try to submit documents that are clear of comments from others. This helps to keep your consultant's feedback clear and accessible.
  • Use your Lehigh University account for all communications and interactions with the GWS and the GWS staff. 
  • After attaching your document to your appointment, return to your appointment to ensure your document actually attached. 
Registering for the Scheduler and Scheduling a Consultation


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