Loans, Stipend Advances & Grants for Unexpected Expenses

The Office of Graduate Education and Life is able to offer a small interest-free loan (grants have been temporarily suspended) for graduate students who have unexpected expenses that could impede their ability to focus on their academics. Only students who are full-time enrolled, in good academic standing, and on campus are eligible. Both the loan and the grant can be requested at the same time.  Stipend advances are offered through the payroll office for students employed and receive a semi-monthly stipend.

Please read below for criteria and the application process. Forms are located at the bottom of the page.

  • Maximum $500.
  • Must be paid back in six-months or before graduation.
  • Most appropriate to be used as a "bridge" while waiting for a first paycheck or for other financial aid.
  • Once the loan is paid back, the student is eligible to request another loan.
  • If you are unable to pay back the loan by the repayment deadline you will be unable to register for classes.
  • Students can make an appointment to get funds from the Bursar's Office.
GRANT for unexpected expenses (TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED until further notice)
  • Maximum $500.
  • Does not need to be repaid.
  • Most appropriate for such needs as an emergency dental procedure or trip home for a family crisis, documentation for a grant must be uploaded/provided.
  • Students may only request one grant per year.
  • Requests for grants will be considered until the fund is depleted; approval is not guaranteed.
  • Decisions will be made by GLO staff and a representative from the student's college.
  • Students will have funds electronically delivered to their bank account.

This grant is made possible thanks to Lehigh graduate alumni, staff, and faculty for their generous contributions. At this time, the grant is suspended due to lack of funds.

STIPEND Advances

The purpose of the payroll stipend advance is to meet an emergency need that cannot be accommodated through other financial arrangements.

  • To request a stipend advance, the form linked below must be completed, including all signatures.
  • All approved requests will be processed in four business days from the date the completed form is received by the Payroll Office.
  • The normal maximum stipend advance is up to $500; however, under extraordinary circumstances up to $1,000 may be granted.


Emergency Loan

Emergency Grant