GLO challenges you to share your unique graduate school experience, motivations, and passions using just six words and a visual aid!

Make it New       Make it Together     Make a Difference

Lehigh's Strategic Plan: Inspiring Future Makers


  • Overall winner $500 
  • 1st place per category: $100 
  • Honorable Mentions (2 per category): $50 

  • You must include a statement or description of your submission that is six words total (no more, no less). 
  • The image or visual aid that you submit must be an original that you created
  • Each individual will be allowed to submit one entry  (one original image, no collages) for any of the three categories. You must choose only one category! 
    1. Make it New
    2. Make it Together 
    3. Make a Difference
  • Contractions and hyphenated words count as two words
  • Submissions should be original, succinct, and creative.
  • All submissions will be entered into a competition for cash prizes!

Visual aid submissions must be at least 4.0 MB, but 5.0 MB or larger image files are strongly encouraged. Submissions must be 8 inches x 10 inches at 300 dpi, or larger. Submissions must be in JPG and PDF formats. Original art work should be 12 x 18 inches in size or smaller. If a submission does not meet these specifications, it will be automatically disqualified.

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