Say it in Six: THIS is Why I'm in Grad School

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1st Place: Christian Torres

Goal: Be my own role model

I was getting ready for orientation night for the Flex MBA program and using my phone as a mirror to tie my tie when I accidentally triggered the camera with my palm. I caught this moment of focus right before a very important night and I saw myself being my own role model. My definition of success is being better that I was yesterday especially because I never had role models to prepare me for higher education or business. I've always had to forge my own way through new experiences and I am proud to say I've been successful so far and plan to stay on this trajectory.

- Christian Torres

2nd Place: Raquel Sosa

So I can honor their sacrifice

- Raquel Sosa

3rd Place: Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno

Fulfilling a promise to younger me

My mom recently sent me a stack of letters and "books" that I wrote as a child. I apparently had a penchant for writing auto-biographies in grade school! In this image, I wanted to juxtapose one of these early books-- in which I promised myself that I would write more-- with the first chapters of my dissertation project, thus fulfilling that promise to my younger self.

- Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno