Say it in Six: Why My Research Matters

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1st Place (tie): Jimmy Hamill

Illustrating the beauty of queer faith

My dissertation examines the rhetorical strategies and insights of LGBTQ+ Catholics. In the photo, I wanted to demonstrate how my research reflects a lifelong journey to find harmony and synergy between being a queer person and a Catholic. I live my life proudly as part of the LGBTQ+ community, so people tend to be surprised when they see my religious tattoos on display. Showing my "amen" tattoo in front of the Pride flag in my office felt like a simple way to show how these parts of my identity coexist, and it's this dynamic that motivates my current research.

- Jimmy Hamill

1st Place (tie): Olivia Rich

Savage inequalities: Equality is not equity

- Olivia Rich

2nd Place: Sudharsan Kalidoss

Ocean of opportunities #climatechange

- Sudharsan Kalidoss

3rd Place: Masuma Moravej

Empower women. End violence. Bring peace.

To improve the quality of women’s lives, everyone should make a contribution toward the empowerment of women. Women’s empowerment and ending violence against women goes hand in hand. In a society where everyone works collectively for gender equality, people will experience less gender violence. As a result, the quality of human interactions will be improved.

- Masuma Moravej