Lehigh Graduate Orientation

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Graduate Orientation
Graduate Orientation is held twice a year: Fall and Spring
New Graduate Student General Orientation!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Lehigh!  The Graduate Education and Life office is here to assist you with any student life concerns by providing you infomation, referrals, advice, and consultation.  Please take a look at the Graduate Student Resource Book, as well as other material on this website to help you prepare to move to and life in our community.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.  Due to COVID-19, orientation for this year is continually evolving and we hope to have some parts in person and some will be virtual. We encourage you to watch the videos below to help orient you to Lehigh's campus. 

Spring 2022 Graduate Student Orientation

Wednesday, January 19 - 9am to 12:00 noon 
Place: STEPS Building, Room 101

Graduate students beginning their first semester in Spring 2022, please join us for orientation on January 19

Friday, January 21 - Lab Safety Training

9:00am  -  Lab Safety Training is available for those graduate students who will be working in a physical Lehigh laboratory.  This training is mandatory for those students.  If you missed this training, please contact Janine in EHS at jap413@lehigh.edu.



Important Trainings

Teacher Assistant Training

TA Training took place on Weds., Aug 18, 2021 from 9-3pm both in person and by zoom.  If you would like to watch the recordings of either the morning or afternoon sessions, they can be found below:

Morning Sessions Recording

Afternoon Session Recording

Lab Safety Training

Lab Safety Training is available for those graduate students who will be working in a physical Lehigh laboratory.  This training is mandatory for those students.  This year, Lab Safety will be a live webinar at 9am on Friday, August 20.  On Friday morning, those that have signed up for the training will receive the webinar link.  After the webinar is over, a link will be sent to you to take the mandatory test.  Once you have seen the webinar and successfully passed the test, you may now work in your Lehigh lab.

Important Requirements:

1-Covid 19 Vaccine -  a COVID vaccine will be required this fall for all Lehigh graduate students participating in on-campus programs and activities.  All students accessing campus will be subject to this requirement and must complete their final dose of an approved COVID vaccine at least 14 days prior to their planned return to campus. This requirement does not apply to students participating in programs that are fully online or which never meet on campus. If you have not yet done so, please upload a copy of your COVID vaccination card on the HWC health portal as soon as possible. This must be done no later than Wednesday, August 4.  If you have any individual questions about your vaccination status or personal health situation, please send the Health and Wellness Center a secure message through the Health Center portal. This is preferable to email and will help facilitate a prompt response. For other questions about accommodations, you can also contact the Disability Support Services office.

2-Meningitis Vaccine - Pennsylvania State Law requires that students living in university housing either (1) obtain a meningitis vaccine or (2) fill out a declination form.  You may obtain the vaccine at the Health Center for a fee.  Lehigh's injury and sickness insurance does not cover this fee because the insurance does not cover preventative medicine.  Medically, only college freshman living in dormitories are at an increased risk, so graduate students may feel comfortable choosing to waive the menigococcal vaccine.  If you do not want the vaccine, you may waive it by completing the declination form.  The form is available at the Health and Wellness Center, Johnson Hall.  This law does not apply to students living off-campus.  Please address questions and comments directly to the Helath Center (610-758-3870).

3-Mandatory Health Information- Please make sure to complete all necessary forms regarding health infomation.  Check out the requirements at http://www.lehigh.edu/health or call the Student Health Center at 610-758-3870.

4-Lab Safety Training- You must go through this training if you will be working in a lab.  You will not be allowed in the lab until the training is complete.  Please see the signup link above for Lab Safety Training.

5-Teaching Assistant Training-If you have been awarded a teaching assistant position, your department will require this training.  Teacher assitant training is required for those who have been awarded a teacher assisitant position. Please see the signup link above.

6-Lehigh Computing Account- New graduate students must establish their Lehigh computing account through the Lehigh graduate application at http://applywebcom.lehighg.  Click on View your Decision Letter and follow the link under "Next Steps."

7-ID Cards- Your Lehigh ID provides you with access to several important services, such as access to buildings, a GoldPLUS account, athletic facilities and events, bookstore discounts, and library borrowing.  Your ID card identifies you as a member of the Lehigh University Commuity.  Your Lehigh ID car should be treated with care.  Please do not punch holes in your ID card.  Please go to http://financeadmin.lehigh.edu/content/id-office to get your ID card.

8-International Students- If you are a TA, you may need to take and pass the TOPSS test or an OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview). Please contact your department Coordinator for more information. International student should check out this website, https://global.lehigh.edu/icape/topss-testing-services, for information about TOPSS and other testing services.