Fall 2020 Teacher Assistant and Lab Safety Training

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Fall 2020 TA and Lab Safety Training

We are pleased to offer a one-day TA Training to help you prepare for your teaching duties for the fall semester! Some of you will be teaching completely remotely, and some in a hybrid course that will have in-person and virtual meetings. Our training is designed to both introduce you to good pedagogical practices regardless of the medium in which you are teaching, and to technological tools that will help you create a high-quality educational experience for your students.  TA training for 2020 was held virtually through webinars on August 19, 2020 from 8:30am to 4:00pm. This is a required training comprised of four zoom sessions.  Please refer to the schedule for the pre-reading and pre-viewing material.

If you missed the live training and need to make up this training, please watch the 4 required videos, write a summary of each video and send the summary (along with your name and department) to gradlife@lehigh.edu.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office offered Lab Safety Training on Friday, August 21.  This training is mandatory for any student who is working in a physical Lehigh Lab.  If you missed the training and need to make up it up, please watch the Lab Safety video.  After watching the video, please email jap413@lehigh.edu and request the test from the Environmental Health and Safety Office.