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Distant but Connected
New Skills and Hobbies
Who Inspires You?


Overall Winner

Ana Ferariu, "Catch waves or do your homework"
Catch waves or do your homework
Remote learning gave me the opportunity to live in Tenerife, Spain, for 2 months and that's where I discovered my passion for surf and all the feelings and emotions that came with it. On the days I wasn't doing my homework, I was catching waves. Can't wait to do it again!
- Ana Ferariu



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New Skills and Hobbies: Winners

I'm turning into my Grandma
1st Place - Sophie Rizzo
Art got me through grad school
2nd Place - Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado
Grow through what you go through
3rd Place (tie) - Scott Heffelfinger
Keeping my balance and rolling along
3rd Place (tie) - Jane Le

Distant but Connected: Winners

Feel apart but close at heart
1st Place - Meghdad Razizadeh
Eyes express what masked smiles cannot
2nd Place - Holly Rubloff
Unseen roots provide light for growth
3rd Place - Elia Palmese

Who Inspires You?: Winners

Scientists whose endeavors enable family reunion
1st Place - Sajedeh Yazdanparast
Bigger the obstacle, higher I rise
2nd Place - Praneetha Pulyala
Plants inspire my healing and growth
3rd Place - Laura DeFelice