Orientation FAQ

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Orientation FAQ

How do I sign up?

You do not need to sign up.  The videos will be available to you on this site to watch on your own timeline.

If I don't need new student orientation, do I still need to go to TA Training or Lab Safety Training?

TA Training is required for those students who will be a Teaching Assistant in a Lehigh department (and have not had the training).

Lab Safety Training is required for those that will work in a physical Lehigh lab.

Is it mandatory?

Our virtual orientation is optional like our typical in-person orientation.  However, we hope that these videos will be helpful in your journey to becoming a Lehigh graduate student. 

However, if you have been offered a position as a teacher's assistant, then TA training is NOT optional and must be completed. 

If your program requires you to work in a physical Lehigh laboratory, then lab safety training is mandatory and must be completed. Please note that this does not pertain to computer labs.